Lanvin does H&M

Things to look out for in the middle of the madness:
- The faux-wrap skirt with the cascade of ruffles in the front is trés Lanvin and comes in black and cream.
(I am intrigued by the crazy fur coat, it could be really amazing or totally awful)
- The shoes are very close relatives of the ones he did for Spring 2009, so of course they are good. I think they are like $99 or something? Totally worth it.
- The crazy flower print is a little ugly but I think that's why it's so charming. The problem with sleeves like that is that it's almost impossible to put on any kind of jacket or coat over it without feeling like you're in a straitjacket and/or looking like the (very fashionable) hunchback of Notre Dame, BUT it has possibilities.
- The men's metallic blue oxfords are probably the coolest piece in the collection.
Will they make them in kid's sizes so girls can wear em? Only time will tell...
(Insoles can be your friend?)
- Lil' satin newsboy caps and bowties.

The bowtie is imperative.


Isabel said...

Is it jusr me or does that model resemble you A LOT?? Also yes, the dress is from H&M. Goth jam twins!

Ivette Rossana said...


Are you the model on those pictures? She looks just like you!

Love the faux-wrap skirt, though it's a bit short for me.

la madre que te pario!

Cara said...

This is the advantage of having super long feet. Going to looking out for the amazing shiiiny men's shoes.

laia. said...

haha omg thats irina lazareanu, i dont think we look alike in real life though... must be the sunglasses and the crazy hair.


Anonymous said...

I love the flower print.


jenn. said...

my thoughts exactly re: men's metallic oxfords. so good! as are loads of the men's pieces...
and the skirts; probably my favourites in the women's collection.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

I am in love!

check me out!


Adnan said...

I'm so glad that I happen to find your blog and this post. I'm so gonna buy those oxfords!

Tavi said...

At first I thought you had photoshopped your head onto the first photos like ADR does!

Emilie said...

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the metallic blue oxfords they are amazing! The collection is definitely very 'Lanvin' but at the same time not at all what I was expecting.

AngieMontreal said...

Thank god I have big feet...now to find out if any of this good stuff will hit Montreal...hmmm