Paris Spring 2011 : Opposing Pairs

Whenever I'm out and I see groups of girls dressed the same (you know, variations on a theme) I always wonder if they feel weird about it or if they planned it. The closest my best friend Diana and I got to doing this, was wearing short sleeve tees over long sleeve tees. This might seem like a normal thing to you, but in Puerto Rico there was never a need for layered tees and thus it was definitely a statement for our mallrat selves. Anywho, if I had to participate in some kind of "twin day" event (which happened every Valentine's day at my high school), the obvious choice would be one of these looks from Cacharel or Louis Vuitton. The easy sweaters over whispers-of-a-shirt at Cacharel are appealing to my right-here-right-now Celinification vibez. And Marc Jacobs' polka dot-magic at Vuitton is just the right side of ridiculous for me to freely indulge. I realize they are at opposite sides of the trend spectrum but HEY, I'm a complicated woman.


Cara said...

The talioring in Cacharel is SO GOOD <3.
Some of my firends even ask each other beforehand what they are planning on wearing so they can wear something like it.

Al said...

Ahahah I always ask myself too when I see those group of girls. Some weeks ago in Cologne, Germany, I saw these two girls dressed EXACTLY in the same way. After realizing that they were not 10 years old twins showing the bad taste of their mother in twin-clothing I really started to think about the mysteries of adolescence... ehhh...

By the way, I would choose the YSL couple... and I would be the right one in blue and carmine red!


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