Sunday Jam: From when the computer broke

so... my boyfriend's computer decided to stop working few days ago. i use his because my computer is only slightly younger than Methuselah (ok, it's really from 2003) and therefore doesn't really work with the updated versions of anything. even youtube is too advanced for it so I can't even post a video for the sunday jam. i obviously need a new computer, but it's not happening any time soon so i'll just be like the macgruber blogger.

i thought maybe i'd post some ani difranco? i've been listening to little plastic castle a lot lately, specifically as is.

the computer situation is definitely kind of a bummer but i'm trying to keep a posi attitude. all the pictures i had for future posts and stuff are stuck in it, guess i'll have to get creative!

here's that time that ani difranco was on the cover of spin and it was awesome.
remember when spin magazine was cool?
ah... good times.



readysetfashion said...

i do remember when spin mag was cool. but the music biz was different then. better different.

OLT said...

This was one of the last issues of Spin I owned back in the day! –I had a subscription to Spin in the 90s. Then when I went off to college my mom figured it would be the opportune time to throw out all my music, fashion, and weird magazines I had been collecting :(

maggie battles said...

i had that cover up on my wall for a really long time. oooo! it's weird to see it again! i was weirdly obsessed with her dye job.

NorwegianWood said...

I saw her play in....'99...'98? I think? Can't remember exactly...the show was in this gorgeous old theatre, it seemed to go by in about 10minutes it was so good!