Sunday Jam: Let's Dance!

Just in case you thought that my love for silly dances as expressed last Sunday was a joke, here's ANOTHER video of me lettin' loose. I had a reason for this one though; you see Aldo is hosting a lil' dance contest where you can win $2,500!!! Elizabeth is one of the judges and when she asked me to join her for a morning of dancing and cute shoes, I couldn't say no (and neither could you, I'm sure). ANYWHO, it's super easy to enter... just go on the Aldo site, download the dance-y track, go bonkers on camera and then submit it. Let me know if you win, ok?

Yup, that's me shakin' off the nerves before I start shakin' my butt.
I wasn't expecting to see THAT in the final cut hahah!

And because it's Sunday and I gotta post a jam, here's Hot Chip's Ready for the Floor. Always a crowd-pleaser and SO SO good.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!


hazel said...

Oh my god you are so cool

Isabel said...

BREAK IT DOWN, grrrrrl!

laia. said...

no way hazel!
is it opposite day?

La Porta Màgica said...

very nice, very modern, I like a lot the video..



M said...

fun times!


Fashion Intel said...

Oh my you are cute!

Jenny Morris said...

you are the cutest! i love your choice of shoes the very best.


Tika said...

sweet lord. that gave me goosebumps.

cake. said...

dying over the salutes!

AFitz said...

you were my favourite dancer. and also just generally the coolest.

New tattoo, or am I just normally unobservant?