Best of Spring 2011: Bag-lady style

After I looked at all the pictures I had saved I realized I basically saved (loose) variations on the two different styles. It seems I favor big satchels that can fit my life and a half OR little ones that can only fit "the essentials". Good to know I'm practical in at least ONE aspect of my life. Buuut enough with the chitchat and onto the G O O D S !

So the satchel thing (aka the influence of Ps1). Big bags are important when you're always carrying around notebooks and magazines or extra pairs of shoes (subways in flats!). In a parallel universe my first world problem would perhaps be trying to decide WHICH one of these bags to get. The Prada striped with the huge gold buckle seems almost like a weekend bag but a little goth-y-er and more luxe (duh). At Versus Christopher Kane unleashed the best ever flower print on the clothes and accessories. Extravagant me would like to own a head-to-toe flower situation. I love the nude color and details in this little 3.1 Phillip Lim bag but "realistically" I would need longer straps in order to make it work in "real life". The Jil Sander black frame bag isn't really a satchel, but whatever I can take all the liberties I want. This one is just classic and cool. Classic and cool always win.

If I'm just going out to a bar or something, I don't need to carry all my usual crap, so lately I've taken to carrying a little Chanel-inspired leather bag that used to belong to my mom. The important part about the little bag is that it needs a long strap so you can wear it criss-cross and not leave it somewhere when you are walking around drunk (not that you would be, but BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!). My favorite ones came courtesy of Missoni, who sent them down the runway in clear shopping bags and I'm gonna be honest come the next season of shows I BETTER see someone carrying it like that otherwise I'm going to be really disappointed. At Fendi colors were also let loose in crazy woven patterns and weirdly mismatched combinations. I know you can find like, 20 million bags at the thriftstore that will look like this but you know, sometimes that's not even the point hahaha.

No no, I'm just kidding, let's go thrifting!

There's a matter to be discussed, that of the EPIC styles that were on hand at Miu Miu.
Not only are the colors ridiculous BUT I checked these out in person a few weeks ago and you can definitely fit a notebook in there. This is important!

(miuccia + laia 4-ever)


Lindsey said...

I want every one of these bags! But the Prada one is my favorite :)


Hazel said...

When I saw the hot pink/lime green Miu Miu bags I was flipping a shit. They are so perfect...

It's so infuriating that stores don't make handbags in neon colors at prices I can afford (I mean most of my $ goes to clothes but, uh, I can't afford Miu Miu!) I hope maybe some cool alternatives to this bag will pop up after this season. UGH A NEON BAG WOULD JUST MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.

Bella Clothing said...

Love this post. We have bag envy!

Bella + Canvas

Anonymous said...

I like the blue floral and all the miu miu's.


fashionsdirtylaundry said...

I have been coveting that Jil Sander bag... All of the Miu Miu's. All of them.

myslak said...

Miuccia sets the tone and has the last word, as always;-)

artdecodiamonds said...

Love the bags... fantastic!

Bella Clothes said...

Lovely bags! wish i have one in pink:(