Feliz Navidad!

La Tuna Estudiantina de Cayey : Parranda del Sopon

Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe : Aires de Navidad

As some of you know I grew up in Puerto Rico. I usually go back every January to see my family but that might not be possible this year so I've been thinking a lot about the things I love the most about holidays at home. Our Christmas songs are definitely one of my most favorite things. They are loud and funny and sometimes about baby Jesus and then most times about drinking, partying and rooster revenge.

Yes, hear me out. So the first song I posted is about how they made this chicken stew at a party and they were killing the chicken right there and then halfway through the ROOSTER woke up and saw what was happening and he couldn't believe it so then he started freaking out trying to save his chicken and he couldn't, of course, because he was a rooster. So they finished the stew and ate it at two in the morning and by dawn they all had terrible stomach aches, which they soon figured were a hex that the rooster put on them. The final verse of the song says "at dawn the rooster laughed".


The second song is just a straightforward Christmas song, no funny business here.

Hope everyone has a super lovely holiday! I will be in Connecticut for a lil bit and wont be back until Monday I think. It will be nice to get away from the distractions for a bit (and I can finally finish my grad school essays!). Catch you on the flipside kids!



Hannah Jean said...

Feliz Navidad Laia!
Thanks for sharing those songs, they put a smlie on my face!
Love Hannah

Fashion's Religion said...

I've always envied those who celebrate Christmas. I'm jewish so I've never really experienced the whole Christmas tradition thing. Your tradition and family history sounds so interesting, I loved the first song! I hope you have a great holiday!

eat me said...


Anonymous said...

Haha willie colon, coquito y pasteles! I didn't know you were from PR! how nice to have that in common! I'm actually stuck here...I usually spend it in NY haha butim definitely enjoying the music and food.

Feliz navidad!

Fi@Previously Owned

Ronnie said...

Feliz Nevidad! You are very much a talented femme and I'm glad I found your blog thru twitter :)

Please check out my photography, all is posted on my blog


artdecodiamonds said...

Love your blog.. happy holidays!

Ria Leigh Rabut said...

Oh man that first song is soo good! I dig your taste in music and your blog is wonderful. Happy New Year!

Sheyla said...

Wow!! You're from PR!! That's great! I bet you're missing being around here because of the super cold weather at NY. Feliz 2011!!

P.S. Even if el dia de reyes isn't celebrated in the U.S.,do you celebrate it anyway??

laia. said...

sheyla: of course ill still celebrate it, its part of my life! :)

laia. said...

and happy holidays everyone!