Spring 2011 The New McQueen


This season marked the official debut of Sarah Burton as the new designer at Alexander McQueen (technically it's her second season but you know, resort doesn't really count). The sense of drama that McQueen brought to the runway each season was present, albeit in a softer more delicate way. Some could argue this is because the label is now under female guidance, but I'd be more inclined to think it's because of its significance in the scope of the label's history. By default, this collection would've had to pay homage to Alexander as a person, acknowledge the some of the label's signatures as well as set the tone for what's to come. Not an easy feat. Burton masterfully navigated all these requirements to produce clothes that were bold and savage but above all, beautiful.

Grass peeked through carefully arranged cracks in the runway where warrior women and mystical travelers with basketweave braids (the pinnacle of the braid trend) carried out secret quests to godknowswhere. The waist became the center of attention in fitted feathered bodices and elaborate gilded leaf belts that played off extravagant ruffled tie-dye skirts and heavily embroidered florals. There was a bit of everything in the collection, proof of Burton giving absolute free reign to her creativity (as she's supposed to).

All in all, Sarah Burton presented beautiful clothes, with the attention to drama, detail and controlled extravagance that McQueen did so well. It will be a while before her every move stops being compared to him, but in the meantime she is showing great promise of upholding the label's heritage while pushing it forward. I can't wait to see her next step.


fashionsdirtylaundry said...


You can't deny how absolutely mental these pieces are!

Taj said...

shes done an amazing job!! that last look blows me away everytime.

Cezary Koralewski said...

the gowns are beautiful, I love the golden feathers, buckles and this out-of-this-world floral patterned suit, I'd wear that by myself, alongside with armadillos, yes, I'm a boy.

x Ck

Lourdes said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Oh, it's such a shame he is no longer with us! What a dynasty he left behind. Thanks for posting!
Love your blog, btw.
p.s. feel free to have a looksie at mine if you have a moment:)