Makin' the nature scene

important things from Rochas' pre fall collection:

1 the dusty pinks and mossy browns are the such a lovely color combination. during new years I had a thought that I should dress in more nature-y colors and step away from black a little. perhaps this could be a possible direction.

2 socks with loafers! the trick is to get knee-high socks and scrunch them down. the treasure is in the slouch!

3 the hats are kind of ridiculous but god knows I love a ridiculous hat.

I would wear that last look every.day.


Cara said...

Ah the second last look is too amazing for my tired eyes <3.

Naehee Chung said...

oh boy now that you mentioned the hat, it really is kinda ridiculous. lol. but yeah i especially love that 4th look too.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for it much.


AngieMontreal said...

It's so true...knee highs scrunched down...OR patterned regular socks OVER black knee socks..all scrunched down. Saves us all having to buy a million pairs of knee socks...I'm nothing if not thrifty ;)