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Although I was always super into fashion and was already tearing apart my mom's fashion magazines by the time I was 10, my style inspiration always came from what my favorite musicians were wearing (I'm sure I've mentioned before that I was a total Gwennabe back in the day). I spent most of my days sketching in front of the tv watching music videos on MTV and VH1 so I guess it makes sense that a lot of my visual influences came from that. The following three videos are here solely because of how awesome the visuals were, but more importantly because they featured ladies in rad clothes.

Meredith Brooks : Bitch
Remember Meredith Brooks? I DO. Especially because the video is SO of its time with its super bright colors and rainbow coalitions of dancing at the end. I loved EVERYTHING about this video, the awesome all over flower-prints, the way it used Virtual Insanity-like technology and of course, Meredith's SWEET clothes. The layered slip dresses worn with combat boots were a total obsession of mine, and I can't say that I totally went to Sears and bought some slips and rocked it out in the real world because I felt like that would be just ridiculous in the real world. Her other looks included a white fluffy coat and colored leather pants worn with sneakers.
I feel like I had a pair of pleather pants somewhat inspired by these but I can't really remember? They were important.

Sheryl Crow : If It Makes You Happy
Sheryl Crow was totally killing it in 1996 and she always wore super cute clothes in her videos which I think now fit neatly into 90's videos categories (the black and white romantic one, the funny one with cameos from Molly Shannon, Ellen and Heather Matarazzo, the saturated one which we are talking about now). I thought her clothes were so chic and cool (I was 11 when this video came out) and I imagined that when I grew up I too would wear leopard coats with tiny mini-skirts and crazy printed blouses.
Mostly I remember watching this video in Pop-Up form and learning about how everyone loved her mouth and her perfect teeth or something. Boy, am I full of useful knowledge!

Garbage : I Think I'm Paranoid
I don't think Shirley Manson has ever looked as hot as she did in this video. Her style was all super short dresses and chunky boots and sex appeal and she was just the best. I wasn't sassy enough back then to rock a super short dresses, especially not with matching(!!!) underwear BUT they're part of my repertoire now. The dresses, not the matching underwear thing.
In any case this is probably one of my all time favorite videos because I still can't get over how SICK it looks when she lifts up her dress. Apparently I am a 13 year old boy.

And you know I gotta bring this stuff full circle, so here are more Photoshop masterpieces, this time re-interpreting my favorite looks from the videos above.

Caroline wears a slip dress by Marios Schwab , dress and sandal boots by Proenza Schouler. Kasia wears a Givenchy vest, Maison Martin Margiela shirt-dress, skirt and shoes by Loewe. Kirsi wears a dress by Lanvin and boots by Marios Schwab.
All from Spring 2011.

F U N T I M E Z !

+ There are no No Doubt videos in here because it's just too major for one post. I could probably start a blog just on my dissection of every Gwen Stefani image ever. But I won't.

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Alexis said...

absolutely excellent post. i remember these videos now that i see still frames! I don't think i completely grasped everything going on until later and now that i watch it. I do remember the older girls singing Bitch and think they were hot stuff! Garbage!! Vital 90's. You are hilarious as well.
Marios Schwab dress is gorgeous!