Fall o' the dog it is!

Last spring was all about cats, but it looks like fall is all about dogs! First seen at Balenciaga, with Ghesquiere's reissue of his famous dog sweater from fall 00 and now all over the Givenchy runway where Riccardo Tisci expressed his predilection for Rottweilers.

I obviously love this! More dogs everywhere!


Anonymous said...

I preferred the cats - I'm too nice a girl to be wearing such an angry sweater!


Miranda said...

i love the contrast between the models faces and the dogs. ha

wool and misc said...

too bad it isn't the year of the dog. that would make for such good blogging fodder. :/

Cara said...

Embrace the dog!

O God, I don't think if I saved up for 3 years straight that I would be able to afford one of those amazing jumpers. Maybe I could go into the Tshirt Shop (or whatever it's called) and get my dog's face printed on a jumper and PRETEND it's Givenchy. Wouldn't even notice the difference, no?

laia. said...

i approve of DIY dog tshirts!

Sasssquatch said...

now aren't these little didies completely inspirational!!!

I must learn to screen print a hoodie like that!!

briliant post!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the dog sweater in balenciaga and when I saw the dogs in Givenchy I had to take a double take to make sure they wheren't by the same designer.