Spring 2011 Top 5

I thought that lately my interests had been veering towards a minimal, Celine-like aesthetic but looking at these images, it's pretty clear that my love for colors and textures is ever-present. I guess I should probably explore this angle more?

We see the same images of the same looks so many times in the course of a season that I thought it would be more interesting to close in on the textures than to show the full-on runway look.

But mostly I thought it just looked cool.


Al said...

It's an explosion of color and fluo this summer, it's true. And I am a lover of the CĂ©line-like aesthetic too but these prints and colors for the hot season make me happy.

It has been neutrals and minimal realm for too long maybe and it's always good to change.

Plus they suit me, so I'm looking forward to spring :p

Did you see the ASOS SS 2011 lookbook preview? It's a bit on this line and I totally love it (especially the accessories *_*)


-The Red Dot-

nicolette said...

this visual is the best thing on the internet today.

Anonymous said...


laia. said...

no prada!
i know, crazy right?
it made it into the finals though...

Anonymous said...

Coloeful! I loved proenza schouler and Miu miu. I made my own miu miu bag out of paper.


The Clothes Press said...

Nice images! Love the mix of textures. Glad the Miu Miu made it in there. :)