Working Hard

You know, if you would've told me that leather aprons would suddenly become a cool accessory I'd be all "omg no way" but then you'd be all "omg way" and you'd show me cold, hard proof, like how Phillip Lim sent out a tan leather version in his spring 2011 collection and how Raf Simons totally ran with it for fall and made it manly and cool and I'd be all "w o a h, next levz utility chic" and I'd be right.


Rickety said...

You are so right, that is utility chic refined to the point where it oozes cool. I love it, dare I say!!


Anonymous said...

didn't celine have one too? madness.

Suzanne said...

I actually like it! Imagine your local butcher wearing that apron :) haha

No I seriously like it