Year of the Rabbit Style Inspiration

Let's start the new year by laying out our current inspirations eh? I haven't really been shopping in the past few months so I've been feeling a little bored with my wardrobe (which we all know is ridiculous because I have way more clothes and shoes than I'll probably ever need). I've resolved to just start keeping really good track of outfits I like that can be turned into "little formulas" that I can just recreate at home when I'm in a rush in the morning. A lot of these looks feature things that I love to wear (oxford shirts, oversized cardigans, long skirts, shift dresses etc) and are what I'm dubbing "reality spring" 'cause it's just about a livable modernist vibe. Fall might be over but I'm not over my witchy vibez, although I think now they'll be a little less hippie, a little more streamlined. I would probably never go as extreme as the girl in the lower left BUT it's still 20 kinds of awesome.

I ran across this image from 2005 at my friend's blog and it of course reminded me of the way I would probably wear Jil Sander's spring collection in real life (if only I was able to get my hand on one of the skirts sigh). Maybe I'll hit up ebay to see if I find some kind of discarded formal skirt in a fabric that's not too gross? In any case an important thing for me this spring is to wear kinda nice pieces and then ground them a bit with more casual ones. This is not as complicated as I am making it sound, HA!

You know what's also important? FRIENDS! Megan and John are also a constant source of inspiration. Megan loves to layer in a cosmic-goddess kind of way, which is also reflected in her clothing line, Sobotka. John always has a killer sock/shoe game and a deep understanding of universe v i b e z.
What more could I ask for?

Having said all that, this is what I wore on the 31st, an important decision because you have to greet the new year with the spirit that you wish your entire year to have! My favorite tee with a nebulae print, the best slinky skirt from OAK, my favorite Wang tuxedo jacket, black chunky socks and my favorite LD Tuttle wedge boots. I really wanted everything I was wearing to reflect what I'm into at the moment, and since I didn't have to leave my house I didn't have to worry about the cold and the snow, which is a BONUS! There was still an overall witchy vibe happening but I think it's a little less gothy and a bit more 70's-ish than the way I've done it before.
The second picture shows what I look like when my Words with Friends game is interrupted.

The boots, AH THE BOOTS!
I love them more and more everyday.

Photo Credits:
Streetstyle images found via Vanessa Jackman, fuckyeahstreetstyle, All the Pretty Birds, Louise or Valentine and Turned Out.
Editorial image via Ready Set Fashion.
John and Megan via OAK.


readysetfashion said...

the boots rock. happy new year!

eat me said...

Ah you look so witchin'-bitchin', I love it! Happy new year and I look forward to your future posts.

Vanessa said...

Ah wow! Check out those boots xx Vanessa

Vanessa said...

Ah wow! Check out those boots xx Vanessa

Mi said...

I think that girl in the lower left is only a little extreme because of the black lipstick and almost Gaga-esque sunglasses. But the structured look I totally dig, and the contrast of glasses to pleated skirt is so awesome. AND THOSE SHOES!!! Ah!

Anyway, I dig your boots too. Have you seen the Icarus boot from AllSaints? You'd probs like those too.

Happy New Year!

Dooshi said...

This outfit is pretty fabulitchyi (got it?! fabulous and witchy. eh, I'm suck at it but I hope the point is clear- love it!)
And you said it just in the right words! The boots, AH the boots!!

Anonymous said...

Good lord girl, WHERE did you get those boots? Like fr srs, I need to know like NOW. Love the whole outfit.

Sasssquatch said...


your style is so innovative and glorious

color me impressed :)


Claire said...

Woah, I'm so in love with your outfit.
Happy new year!

AP23 said...

You have cool style. The combination of the skirt and the boots is really good!

♠ ♦ ♣

laia. said...

hannah: the boots are LD Tuttle, I got them at OAK but they are sold out now. I think La Garconne has them on sale now? If not them then definitely Creatures of Comfort.