Animal Time

Charles Anastase Fall 2011

Chloe Spring 2001

Man, all the animals of the early 2000's are making a comeback and I'm loving everything about it. While Stella McCartney's collection at Chloe seemed to be paying homage to the animal, Charles Anastase's sorta Etruscan iterations seem more about its place in culture through history. I love everything about it.

Ps. My boyfriend thinks they could also be sheep? In which case I love it TRIPLE more.


Hazel said...

I reeeally loved the antelope stampede prints at Marc by MJ. yay ANIMALS!

readysetfashion said...

haha! it might be one of those mini horses. the ones at the county fair all the three year olds could ride on. a little sad. but anastase gave them their due and made them look soooo cool!

Genevieve said...

I love the Charles Anastase dresses! They are sooooo good!