Coming to terms with the real me(ssoni)

Missoni was 100% insanely S I C K.
Maxi lengths, washed out colors and quasi-grungy vibez are really what it's all about, you know? I'm so glad they steered their stuff right back into my universe.

Let's talk about the most amazing print!
people + flowers. people + flowers.

(I am pretending there were no backwards Kangol hats involved in this collection, thankyouverymuch)

Braided chunky knit sweaters in Rainbow Sherbet colors are totally candy-raver-ish, I know, but I think taken out of this context and worn with jeans (or let's face it, leggings) it's just a cool cozy piece. The blown-up plaids with pastel stripes were also really cool touches, there's something almost all-American about this ensemble but the colors really put it on its head.

(In the event that those bottoms are cropped palazzo pants I will a) throw up and b) demand everyone take them to a tailor, slice the legs up and turn that into a skirt asap.)

Great sunglasses and another great flowy long dress with weirdo bikini-top seams that for some reason I am totally LOV-ING.

Ps. Boots are hideous, shield your eyes.

More 90's stuff! In the form of slipdresses!
Don't you just wanna start collecting this shit and just wear one everyday with whatever outerwear variation? I dunno but this is starting to look really good to me.

The purple fur is 100% unnecessary and yet... the look kinda needs it?
Peep the dark purple-y lipstick too, so essential!

Secretly I think I want to dress like this the most.
See? This is why shows are 6 months before the clothes are available. Because it gives you time to come to terms with the person you seem to be slowly becoming.
And that's a good thing.


Sheyla said...

At this precise moment I'm searching for a video of the collection (for my blog) but haven't found it. I love it and the prints are beautiful.

Six Six Sick said...

OMG the little embroidered people? Out of this world, and I wouldn't have noticed at all without that closeup. I also love the velvet look, and I'm always a fan of fun-fur, necessary or not!

Miss Eliza Wharton said...

Oh girl, how come we come so often to the same conclusions?
That Missoni collection was a riot! So much fab outfits... And fugly boots and kangol all right!

Maybe you'd care to read what I wrote about one of the pieces you chose (the blow up plaids). It's here:

Anonymous said...

the sickly candy colours and the knits go together so well.

ChloƩ said...

The embroidered prints are what blew me away. You look at them and think "That's so much work, this is what fashion is about." And it makes you really happy with humanity because there are people who put so much work in because they feel passionate, regardless of anything else.