Jenni Kayne's perfect shade of fuschia in no-fuss modern silhouettes has been one of my favorite looks this season, especially when done in different textures. I am a total advocate of head-to-toe matching dressing and if you can get shoes and lipstick to go with the whole thing then you can definitely declare yourself a winner. I'm in the midst of an adult-onset-velvet obsession, after abandoning the fuzzy fabric for over 10 years and I think this skirt and dress could really change my tactile dressing experience for years to come.

Aerosmith : Pink

Is my new thing to post videos with every single review I do? WHO KNOWS?
But this song is too stupid to pass up, also 4 MINUTES?


Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with fuschia right now. And so, it would appear, is Jenni Kayne.
Love that you're adding a sound track to each post. DON'T STOP.

Cara said...

THANK YOU. You just made me smile so much by posting that video <3.

dani d. said...

this was my FAVOURITE music video when it came out. it's pretty sensational.

Liz Harvey said...

4 mins? I can't make it.

the skeleton is probably the best IMO,

also i really want to see the casting call for this video.

(plz post more videos, it is a good thing)


Naehee Chung said...

omg im too obsessed with velvets nowdays. and 2nd look is real cute.

Hanna said...

4mins, me too!

Roma said...

Oh gosh I love her wacky overuse of fuschia (seems like i don't like it but those dresses are amazing) perfect video, his facial expressions say it all