Jeremy Laing + the Moon

buzz aldrin on the moon

tonight, tonight : smashing pumpkins

The obvious next step to the current universe-prints trend going around is to zoom in on the moon. As an astronomy enthusiast, I support this 100% which is why I'm so completely in LOVE with Jeremy Laing's fall collection. I need all three of these pieces in my life wardrobe, this isn't even like, essential for next season, it is essential for my life!

Apart from the prints, the silhouettes were also perfect for right now. Relaxed oversized sweaters and loose tops worn with long gauzy skirts are a lil' bit witchy and a lil' bit grunge and totally right now.


Alexis said...

ah, yes everything just flows and goes so beautiful together.

fashion westie said...

Fan of the shapes, sheers and drapes...not so much the lunar stuff. I'd prefer close up prints of mould or dust or rust...no, seriously.

Naehee Chung said...

wow, good post. loved jeremy laing as well.

Amanda said...

oh EFFFFF need the shirt like for sure dude

Milly said...

So wearable, so comfy, so perfect!

Anonymous said...

My mom's freind is related to the smashing pumkins drummer or something like that.


chuck n. said...

the collection's so blogger (in a goodway) drapey nonchalant cuts and lenghts.

the moon prints sort of look like fat bubbles at a quick glance.

jeremy's doing a good-ass job reppin for canada

Engreida said...

Love the 3D effect of that moon print!