London Fall 2011 Erdem

When it comes to awesome floral prints, Erdem pretty much has the whole field covered (accidental pun?). This season he kind of let go of all the "pretty" and let his prints melt into a darker and more sinister place. The textures and prints are almost a collision between nature and a rapidly expanding city and that tension is creating some really beautiful results.

The pieces all had very distinct vibes depending on how they were put together which I also found very interesting. The almost space age button-down blouse and trousers ensemble is walking the fine line between Jil Sander-shimmery good and an eyesore from the Liberace house of crap BUT that's why it's so great, and a skirt with a slit-up-to-there is toned down by a chunky cable knit sweater and a matching blouse for a total Secretary (the movie not the actual profession) vibe. The super bright spaghetti-strap dress has the perfect quasi-40's via 90's-Prada thing happening for which the gloves are totally essential and in direct opposition of the sexy little slip dress is the totally covered up with each body part in a different fabric look. OBVIOUSLY GREAT! Victorian on acid.

My favorite look of the show was this ridiculous velvet on velvet on velvet contraption. As a general rule I hate turtlenecks but this is too rad for neckline hangups to be even remotely relevant. I'm looking at it right now and thinking that maybe it IS too hideous but I can't stop imagining myself wearing this?

Sometimes I don't even know me.


Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

I loved this collection. One of the best so far!


Kira Lilly said...

i love erdem ridiculous amounts!

Hazel said...

feeling it, FEEEELING IT

floral dark velvety velvetness
it's ugly BUT: cool

April said...

so so so amazing


Leslie said...

you're funny funny funny

Sorcha said...

I kind of love that last dress too, in fact I liked it so much I didn't even notice it was a turtleneck.

Anonymous said...

Very colorful. I love it.


Angelina said...

Lovew the second photo! amazing outtfit!

Christina said...

So cool...the velvet dress is strikingly similar to the tie-dye velvet ones Opening Ceremony put out last fall...I think they're on sale now!