NYC Fall 2011 Erro

Fashion week is here! It seems like there was a never break and I never even finished going through couture, pre-fall and mens' and yet here we are, looking forward to what we'll be wearing next time it gets cold without getting out of this round of getting cold. In any case, Anna Larson's super cool girl designs at Erro seemed like the perfect way to kick things off (full disclosure: I assisted stylist Nicole Vitagliano for this presentation, but the stuff is awesome in its own, d u h). I took a ton of pictures but my phone decided to not save any images so all I have is this one picture that I twittered during the show. Thankfully WWD had great pics from the show so everyone wins!

The thing that makes Larson's designs stand out from the rest of the dark kids is definitely her deft use of textures; knitted furs, looped leathers(!!!) and super soft suedes all came together to give a very organic and natural vibe to the clothes (the dirt helped too). Although the whole look is all about unadulterated sex appeal, the pieces themselves are real easy to adapt into an everyday wardrobe. My favorite looks from the collection included the super long knitted fur scarf that was the softest thing I have ever laid my hands on, worn as a top with the aid of the sick molded leather, multi-buckle belt. Just the right mix of rock n' roll and early human cool. The open-knit bodysuits are the perfect layering piece and the looped leather tops (definitely my most pieces in the show) were the ultimate example of taking a basic and tweaking it just enough to make it totally indispensable. The greyish-silver loose knit cardigan and sweater were super cozy and perfect, paired with leather bottoms. The shorts are cool but the piece-de-resistance is certainly the skirt with faux-suspenders attached.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!


Crystal said...

I don't think I'd wear any look as is, but I do love the individual pieces. That belted fur is insane!

Viki said...



fashion westie said...

Unless these pieces come with the built-in model bodysuit.......

Jokes aside, the scarf is sick and I like the textural elements at play. Nice.