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There have been a couple pre-fall collections that have really hit the nail on the head of how I want to be dressing like right now. In what kind of crazy world are you inspired for spring by whatever the hell a "pre-fall" is?

(1-4 Cacharel, 5-8 Preen, Rag and Bone, Michael Kors)

Clean lines, longer lengths, man shoes, socks, beanies.
The essentials don't go much further beyond that. I especially love the short-sleeve white dress at Cacharel, which even though I would get dirty in a second I would wear until it fell apart. The printed maxi long-sleeve dress from Preen, which would certainly be the perfect way to push the witchy vibez into another season as well as the kicky lil' pink skirt and gray sweater combo (easy to recreate at home!). The Rag and Bone look is just a fancier version of the knit black skirt and whatever t-shirt I wear every day, so that's probably why I'm super into it. Michael Kors' black dress with bright blue piping has an underlying uniform influence that is very comforting and secretly subversive.


Kira Lilly said...

love the floral maxi dress!

Kira Lilly

Alexis said...

absolutely beautiful stuff.
i'm really interseted in the black dress in #6
the orange/red outfit is different. the long stretched out torso. that's my problem when i try on rompers/other various one pieces, that it doesn't come close to my length. refreshing to just see the emphasis on that torso lenght. really like that color sock&shoe combination on that.

Kirsty said...

just bought a pink skirt pretty much exactly like that the preen number so will be trying it with a gray sweater asap

Some Notes on Napkins said...

SO into the long lengths and simple lines!!! Great assortment of pieces!

Anonymous said...

I like the hats in the first part they remind me of smerfs or someting.Happy chinese new year!


Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

oooh, cacharel looks GREAT. who's designing for them now?

laia. said...

some belgian named cedric charlier?

jenn. said...

the fourth preen one is fantastic. must buy a new bright pink skirt, since the last (silk) one got a big hole in it :(


Berta Spunter said...

They are actually unusual for me they are indeed beautiful. I love the way they are randomly designed maybe because they look really unique. Thanks for the tips by the way.