Sunday Jam: I can change

LCD Soundsystem - I can change

This song has been on repeat pretty much all weekend and it's def the best song he's done after "Losing my edge".

I can't believe fashion week is upon us! I guess I am ready for it (because I have no other choice).

In other more uh, self-obsessed and sexxee news, there is a little interview with me about my fashion week essentials on Harper's Bazaar's website. Check it out!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

yo style rookie link leads to POOP

serio, no lie haha

laia. said...

that is the weirdest thing ever.
also, how did no one ever bring that up before? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that LCD will be giving their last live performance in april, FOREVER.

After that, they are done.

Saw them at Bonnaroo last summer, would defiantly recommend catching them live if you can.