Sunday Jam: Important Songs

Madonna : Secret

Erykah Badu : Didn't Cha Know

These two songs are kind of the cornerstone of my life right now. That is possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever written but sowhatwhocares. Last weekend I went on a total Madonna rampage and downloaded pretty much every song of hers that I loved. Bedtime Stories is SUCH a good record, why doesn't anyone talk about it more? The Erykah Badu song I discovered via a most amazing mixtape given to me a few years ago. It seriously has the best groove ever.

Those two songs are the first in my current life mix, I put the rest up on 8 tracks, so if you're so inclined, have a listen.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Now I have to clean my apartment to get ready for Oscar shenanigans tonight.

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Fashion Intel said...

Sooooooo good.