Sweaters and Flowers

While it's true that I was not bowled over Jil Sander's fall collection like I was by spring (nothing against fall, I just really really LOVED spring), there were still some totally essential pieces:

Super cool sweaters!
I loved the weirdo geometric intarsia knits. They are dorky enough to come to us via Saved by the Bell and yet there is a sophistication in its minimal design that elevates it to a higher level.
The sleeveless knit shell in neon green and pink looks kinda Balenciaga from afar, but it's a really cool thick knit up close. The last sweater looks like it's made of confetti and with good reason, it's actually made up of a zillion little beads. Totally luxe and grungy at the same time (so, perfect).

But if there was one thing that was absolutely MAJOR, it was most definitely Raf Simon's sick floral print:

It's a little Erdem, not gonna lie, but that comparison is bound to happen to anyone that does a sick floral print (because he's awesome, duh). I love everything about this dress, this is crazy, I never used to be a floral print kinda girl and lately I want to dress like a garden basically.
What does it all mean?

I love a dress, but a matching button-down shirt and trousers combo will realistically win out in my life every time. A trenchcoat could also definitely work wonders in my life.


Alexis said...

i completely agree, that floral print is beautiful!

Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

I LOVED the first two sweaters. They look like awesome thrift store finds.


Miss Eliza Wharton said...

That you have garden impulses is not mystery. This winter has been here for long enough, and we crave spring and all things springy...
like a giant sack of flowers.
for instance.
I'm with you: the print totally owns.

the line sheet said...

I was surprised about the flowers! I'm not sure how I feel about this special bouquet.

Meg Davies said...

The 'giant sack of flowers' dress is amazing and the abstract shape just gives it that extra flare.

Meg Davies said...
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ChloƩ said...

The best comment on this collection is the one in the Style.com video of it when Tim Blanks says the boots connecting to the pants is "sensitive", and then Amanda Brooks says "It's a commitment."
Raf Simmons put the boots and leggings together, which might have lost him some sales because people wouldn't want to buy both, but he did what he was passionate about. This collection is sensitive, and cerebral, and that is what makes it beautiful to me because there is real passion and art.
What do you think?

floral print dress said...

That floral print is beautiful!