Thank god for Proenza Schouler!

I know, I know. It's almost a cliche to be super be into Proenza Schouler these days, but whatever, every season they put out clothes I want to wear and a lot of the times they are clothes I didn't even KNOW I wanted to wear (which counts double, duh). They've been experimenting a lot with prints and textures lately, and for Pre-Fall (above) that meant ikat prints and oversized knits. Although it fits in nicely with the whole Opening Ceremony/Pendleton vibe going around the city these days, the colors and cuts make their selections a bit cooler.

For fall, they took their vibez further out west. The color palette become more complex and the colors a little bit mis-matching that made the looks perfectly imperfect. They kept the same asymmetric wrap skirt from pre-fall but paired it with a slim tee tucked all the way in and belted for a more prim look.

The zip-off jacket from pre-fall also gets an update, this time with a belt and a messier fur on the lower half. Half-tucks are totally my jam (although I do a mullet tuck -business tuck in front, party mess in back- that's what she said? oh god, let's close this down) so the side thing is totally rad. The trousers the perfect fit, super relaxed with a wide leg. Very essential.

The asymmetric-closure oversized cardigans are definitely going to become an IT item, and with good measure. I would absolutely LIVE in it the entire winter. I'm always a big fan of print and print and I think this all over print version of the aforementioned skirt is my favorite. Throw on a t-shirt and a jean jacket and you're golden!

One of my favorite pieces of the collection were the crochet macrame skirts. I loved the turquoise and black one the best, but I loved the way they white button-down shirt was tucked and folded into the yellow and black version above. That sort of attention to detail is what takes them above the rest every season.

And of course when you take all the successful elements of the collection and make them in velvet, the whole thing just becomes even cooler. These trousers are definitely THE trousers. Totally retro and something Fiona Apple definitely would've won in the Sleep to Dream video (triple bonus).

Man, I really didn't think I was gonna be able to tie this to a song and then BOOM.
There it is.

fiona apple : sleep to dream

And yes, I've got my eye on you, fall PS1.
Could this be the year I finally make one mine?

Best show of New York for sure!


brodie said...

agreed. that fucking velvet was so good. and that fabric in that figure-hugging calf-length dress with the 90s neckline/sleeveless situation? so good. I hadn't seen a close-up of the skirts before this one- the long shots on style.com made me think they were like unfinished basket-weaving or something. Crochet is even better.

ooh-lalĂ  said...

yes! Proenza Schouler was one of the best shows of New York! Today I wrote the same comment on my blog..

Amanda said...

i like the rasta vibez ps1. sooo sick!


Rachel Clark said...

so fucking good.
want/need can't live without, might die.


AngieMontreal said...

I was actually screaming at the monitor during the livestream I loved this collection so much...mostly I was screaming "no!" when I really meant "oh my god YES!" It was quite the experience ;)

Anonymous said...

quick FYI

that's not crochet, it's macrame.

totally different technique.

laia. said...

duly noted!