I don't care about getting laid, I want some quick and easy satisfaction

The bad-ass girl makes a comeback this time in Paris rocking some Junya. Her fur has become her signature and now she even styles her hair to match her jacket. She wears slinky shit with ass-kicking boots and in a way you can't ever really say that she's giving into the sexy dressing status-quo.

What the hell are trends anyways?
She'll wear the fur and the sick leather jacket for forever, through births and graduations and weddings and promotions and everything else until the end when all that's left is the memories and a little house filled with books and art and maybe a cat or two.

But who's even thinking thinking that far in the future?

The Donnas : Rock n' Roll Machine


Lola said...

LOVE the leather! x

Anonymous said...

I love her coat-matching hairstyle.


Hannah said...

fashion should always live past the trend. to the shelves of books and lazy cat friends stage of live.

ingenious post.
ingenious writing.



Ria said...

Love the fur and omg THE DONNAS! I loved them in high school.

Anonymous said...

the jacket <3

Claire said...

Mmmm at the messy hair. You always have the greatest reviews. You know that right?

laia. said...

thank you claire!