Ideal Me

I pretty much live in button-down shirts and sweaters right now. I'm over winter and trying to figure out cute layering combos to avoid the heat. Screw it. I am a Scrooge of weather right now.

ANYWAYS, this Valli look is AMAZING. Long silver shirt with a super beaded black sweater. I am already trying to figure out how to incorporate this into my wardrobe.

And if there was any doubt that this look was tailor-made for me please peep the shoes:

Beaded loafers with little black socks!

Valli obvz loves me, no big deal.
I bet it's from that time he shopped at Oak and I helped him out.


Anonymous said...

omg the model even looks like you!
destiny, I'm sure.

coy colleen said...

I'd wear this in a heartbeat. love the beading

Viki said...

Wow i love it! It's amazing :)


Cindy Karmoko said...

i love the shoes!!!