Never gonna give you up (witchy vibez)

I love getting things in the mail, especially when said things are sick pieces from my friends at Oak. They're known for stocking all the cool designers and all sorts of black and drop-crotch moments but their in-house label is always, always killer. In fact, my current obsession with skirts probably began at new year's when I wore my favorite mystic skirt from them.

I'm pretty certain this skirt will be my most-worn item this summer. It's made of lightweight jersey and has a slit up one side. I love the draped detail and the circular sort of seam. Unfussy skirts need to be worn with unfussy tops so I paired it with my favorite deep cowl tee from Oak (I have it in 2 colors, it is DEFINITELY essential in the summer).

I have been wanting a pair of sheer pants for a while. True, the very concept of sheer pants is totally backwards but whatever, when I saw the leggings I knew this was my chance to try them out. These are a size large so the are loose around the leg and I can "cuff" them, which is ridiculous and therefore awesome. The seams around the legs make them cooler and also take the look away from stretched-out Duane Reade hosiery to cool futuristic wear.

Since they are sheer I'll probz wear them with dresses that are just -this- side of short, this one I call my "nunnery" dress from Acne because of the high neck. I have a vision of layering the leggings under these Karl Lagerfeld for H&M tap shorts, though, and as SOON as I find them, I think it's gonna happen.

Both worn with Prada oxfords because by now they have melded with my feet.

Thank you Oak and THANKS Tommy!


Meg said...

yes yes yes, i love the mesh. and the prada oxfords are bitchin, i got the mary janes from the same collecction with just the foam platforms and i am so obsessed it is unreal

Miss M said...

great sheer leggings! i've been eyeing a similar pair myself.

+Miss M+

Alexis said...

adorable outfits.
i tend to wear the same pieces and or outfits throughout the summer months, even though i tell myself to mix it up or buy new things. basically jersey material in black or a neutral.

Hannah said...

I still can't bring myself to unsubscribe from the Oak mailing list even though I no longer live in NYC...

Damsels said...

i definitely need that oak shirt this summer! i love the skirt because it has a couple of extra things going on . this look is perfection

Amanda said...

good looks man! love the skirt and shoes together :)

Anonymous said...

the skirt and leggings are amazing!

Hannah said...

AHHHH! I've been staring at that skirt online for... forever!

Also, just went to OAK (noho store) this morning :)

Love that place.
Did I make that obvious enough?

Check out my blog I just posted some of their editorial shots!


Ivette Rossana said...

You have Prada oxfords!!!????!!!!

Jenna said...

beautiful drape detail on the skirt. i adore it!! ;)