Sunday Jam: Hide in the Sun

Enon : Murder Sounds

I've been listening to Enon's Hocus Pocus a lot lately. It's a really great record and although it's intensely attached to my sophomore/junior whatever year of college, something about it is still very fresh and makes sense for right now.

I spent all day yesterday listening to music and redesigning the blog.
I felt very productive. What do you guys think?

April is gonna be a SICK month.
Welcoming 2011's awesomeness with Spring makes sense.
Let's take it to the next levzzzzzz.


KTB said...

LOVE the new layout! x

j. said...

the song is on repeat!! :)
One quick question, what to wear on a wedding?! What would you wear, what is the perfect balance for a wedding? :) theenks, J.

OLT said...

I want to be at a concert and hear a band unexpectedly cover songs like this from that time.

Enon is one of those bands where you know the catchy songs by heart, yet can't immediately place the band's name. But you can place just about everything else, like what you looked like, where you were living, and what you were doing with your life. There's got to be a name for kind of band and that kind of feeling...