The 2011 Met Ball, or How Almost Everyone Let Us Down

The most anticipated red carpet event was last night and BOY was it ever a bummer. This year's show honors Alexander McQueen so you would've thought people brought out their best McQueen gear and... you'd be wrong.
Whatever, I miss when people had fun in fashion.
So let's look at the good, the meh and the whaaa?

Doing it the right way

THANK YOU to Naomi and Daphne for going McQueen all the way.
Is it too much that I was expecting EVERYONE to look like this? Because I don't think so.

Christina Ricci and Crystal Renn also went ALL IN with the drama, in incredible Zac Posen gowns.

Hamish Bowles never lets anyone down, of course.

Hailee Stanfeld's Stella McCartney gown was dramatic in all the right ways and also suited the young actress very well. I'm sure she has a stylist but I'd love if she was really just that cool all the time. I'm not that big a fan of mullet-y hemlines but in this case it just works.

Beyonce also looked incredible in a gilded Pucci gown and Aimee Mullins' Theyskens dress was perfect for the occasion with its high collar and tweed deconstructionist vibes.
(Also really into Jay Z's hair at the moment)

Lookin' good ladies

Stella McCartney looked INCREDIBLE last night. Her dress was simple but it had all the right details to make it a perfect reflection of her style as well as pay homage in this night.
Also homegirl looks like shes 25? How DOES she do it!

Ashley's HUGE vintage Christian Dior sleeves kinda killed me.
But the best thing by far is that strong eyebrow she's got going on.

Dakota Fanning looked really adorable in her flower-strewn Valentino gown.

I loved Shalom's throwback Marchesa gown. The sheer skirt really gave it the necessary spice. Mary J's Gucci gown could've been a snoozefest but the gold detailing around the bodice gave it the right amount of McQueen influence.

We weren't expecting Anna to pull out all the crazy stops and come wearing a mask or anything, but the striped detail of her fully glittering Chanel dress was kinda retro and totally awesome. Diane Kruger's Jason Wu gown was just beautiful.

Repping the hippie vibe corner is Mary-Kate in a vintage Givenchy gown that almost made her disappear into the red carpet (and I kinda liked that?) and Sarah Burton's ethereal Lord of the Rings-goddess dress that made her appear even MORE saintly in the eyes of the fash-crowds.

It doesn't hurt to put in a little effort sometimes

What is UP with ALL the SHORT hems???? It's a GALA! The men are in black ties and you're wearing some beach-bridesmaid getup? Come on Lara Spencer, let's think this through next time.

Not that she was the only one, I mean Alexa Chung's Christopher Kane dress is super cool, but she can probably wear this to any other red carpet/grocery store/music festival/whatever.
(Peep Giovanna Bataglia giving her the stink eye in the background? hahaha)

Milla's Marni day-dress? This isn't brunch.
Jessica Szhor's dress is from Topshop.
TOPSHOP!!! This isn't the Meatpacking dude! GUHR.
I'm broker than all these people and even I would find something nicer to wear than a goddamn strapless pouffy dress from Topshop.

Edit: Ginnifer Goodwin wore Topshop too but her dress looked like vintage Halston or something and it was nice. Not fancy enough, but nice.

Like 20 girls wore a version of this custom(!!!) Escada dress to my senior prom in 2001. Sorry, Kerry Washington.

Ah Joy Bryant, post-beach dip sweater dresses are never appropriate for black-tie events, not even if they are from Missoni (Mare).

Michelle Williams put a bird on it. I know it's Miu Miu but blagh, I get it she's cute and indie and yadda yadda yadda. Let's go beyond the obvious next time!

A special shout-out to Amy Poehler who I thought did a nice job of channeling a bit of McQueen vibez with her dramatic eye makeup, hairdo and gold necklace.

Ps. No Gaga?


nicolette said...



Anyways. You know how i feel about the lack of McQueen already, but your favorites are also my favorites. cannot get over Diane Kruger in Jason Wu. Absolutely stunning. Buuuut I wasn't into Anna's dress. Like, at all.

violetville said...

oh, i do think michelle williams looked lovely though - i'm not generally a fan of her cutesy style. but, at least she went black and gold as opposed to her usual pastel color scheme, no?

fashionlessons said...

hey loved this entry! your comments made me laugh....thanks!

readysetfashion said...

stop the presses! i did not see hailee's photo last night. i didn't think i could love this girl anymore, but now i do. i love her cause she is NEVER boring on the red carpet. man, just perfect.

i did dig genifer goodwin's look. she was in topshop too, but her necklace was insane. and natalia vodianova was stunning as valentino's guest.

and does jon legend know he is dating a drag queen? really not sure how she was allowed out in public with that dress.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you on most things but stella mccartney looked freakin ridiculous. and the new guard mostly showed up the old looking fresher and just generally more awesome than you would expect-elle fanning, hailee, kristen stewart (unexpected) and the olsens just made the older women look older and more boring. and blake lively needs to stop trying to look like the little mermaid UGH.

JuniperGalaxy said...

Jessica Zohr should have been turned down at the velvet rope (like they do at clubs!) Didn't she feel ridiculous next to Christina Ricci? The Met should have been more strict about the dress code! Anyway, awesome blog - maybe you can swing by mine sometime? - xoxo JG


t h e l i n e s h e e t said...

Topshop? Oh Vanessa...

Anonymous said...

I saw Coco Rocha complaining that a lot of the Mcqueen that was dramatic and showy was saved for the exhibition and that that's why they couldn't wear a lot of dramatic Mcqueen creations.

Michele said...

I SO agree with you!! What the fuck was Jessica Szohr THINKING was my first thought upon looking at the pics. I can't even. And the Missoni dress on Joy Bryant was just absolutely hideous and so inappropriate, who dresses these people?!

Anonymous said...

What is that guy stood behind anna wintour wearing?! Some sort of giant blue whateveritis

ashford said...

Hate to hate, but I'm (especially) not feeling the gold clunkers on Lara's feet. Too chunky for her petite legs, too gold for her orange tan.

Brazilianshoegirl said...

Now THIS Kerry Washington girl knows how to dress like a Brazilian. In my country, the nuns wear high heels. My compliments to your style, however redundant it may be to others. It is my style completely. I am living in Maine but I miss Rio de Janeiro where I can dress like that and it is normal. Here I get the cow look, hahaha. If you ever go to Rio email or call me and i will tell you where to go to find your fashion zemith. Dresses at 15 dollars that here would sell for 120-150.