In this corner we have the Givenchy gang led by Riccardo Tisci which includes an artist (Marina Abramovic), an actress (Liv Tyler) and a model (Mariacarla Boscono). These brunettes aren't afraid to put it all on the line whether in see-through dresses or sneaking out of school to steal sunglasses from a gas-station convenience store. They probably sat at the back of the gala all night smoking cigarettes and casting spells on passerby.


Meanwhile in this corner the Marni gang isn't hard to miss. Consuelo Castiglioni led this group of women that also included an artist (Cindy Sherman) and a model (Anouck Lepere) but TWIST, Castiglioni ditched the "actress" for the fashion editor (Giovanna Battaglia). Though they lead wildly different lives once a year when they come together it is shenanigans galore. Dancing around tables singing, late nights filled with wine and confessions and a lot of dressing up and making short videos (leftover from their days of ruling the drama club).

Which gang would you join?
I'm surprised to say I'm ready for my beatdown into Marni.
We could really make some awesomeness happen.

Initially I was going to give everyone a gang nickname but honestly got lazy about it. Liv Tyler's was "Sexy Rexy" and Cindy Sherman's was "CamaleĆ³n".
I need to stop watching so many crime shows on Netflix.


mille said...

id say givenchy glamazon, but the mere thought of getting to hang with cindy tips the scales towards marni, woo!

Michele said...

Givenchy no doubt. Bring it on.

laia. said...

millie: cindy sherman was definitely the tie-breaker.

Hazel said...

I would have said Marni even if Cindy Sherman wasn't there, but the fact that she IS on that gang makes them a whole lot cooler

Tavi said...

Cindy makes it.

ashford said...

I love Liv in the Givenchy, but Marni just looks better on me. Gotta work what ya mama gave ya.

Kazuko said...

i can't decide - the colour of Consuelo Castiglioni's face irritates the hell out of me