Moddle Jumpz

So I somehow ended up on Time Out New York's "Most Stylish New Yorkers" feature thingie.
Obvz I think this is totally crazy!
BUT I did get to try out some Vogue jumps, so that's pretty kewl.

So check it out! (or something...)

Thanks Time Out!
(and thanks Universe!)


Natalie said...

nice going, laia!

readysetfashion said...

this defines EPIC!

Fashion's Religion said...

You're way too modest. I believe you of all bloggers not only preach style, but absolutely live by it. Congrats!

t h e l i n e s h e e t said...

so adorable! great garments!!

Sasha Fay said...

Congrats! Your outfit in the photo is kinda perfect, so I think you do deserve the title :)

Sasha Fay

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful! Great photo!

Yolanda said...

Too modest, mi'ja. Go Leia. The picture is super fab. Congrats.

Naseem_Seasonsonline said...

That's great, awesome picture, we love those shoes :)