Some shoes I liked from the fall collections.

My obsession with manshoes continues, and these weirdo Dolce & Gabbana styles are right up my alley. I admit that it would maybe take some coaxing to get me in the polka dot styles. They're umm... a lot of look.

The Alexander Wang metallic patent leather tassel shoes are super cool but I'm sure they're impossible to walk in (like the rest of his heels) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll make a cute matching flat version. Thakoon's early 90's western heels are 20 kinds of right and perfect for pairing with maxi skirts and wide-legged trousers.

Acne's Olsen-ready Birkenstock gone wild platform is 20 kinds of amazing but 100% not made for cobblestone walking. The Mulberry teal boots on the other hand, seem like an appropriate every-day shoe.

Retro-vibe wedges at Marni and Michael van der Ham. Love colorblocking on the Marni pair.

All the fancy uptown ladies will be about decorating the super-skinny heels of their shoes this fall, like the new fashion symbol. Oscar de la Renta's gray wool pump is half-dominatrix half-no-nonsense business-woman, which clearly makes it a necessary show. Jason Wu's black pump with gold architectural detail reminds me of something out of the movie Metropolis, which for some reason seems like a cool thing to have between the pavement and you.


Ria said...

I'm intensely digging the colorblocking on the Marni shoe myself.

Anonymous said...

i love the alexander wang shoes!

emily said...

that mulberry teal- i'm sold. the style, color, and base- it's perfection. they're perfect, i'm convinced. just tell me where to get those socks, and i am officially in some sort of alternate reality fashion garden of eve.