We were on a break

So I guess that happened. Weird. I think it's the first time in years I've gone this long without updating. Part of it is that I've been busy, especially with the launch of xoJane.com where I am now writing (¡¡¡omg!!!). But another part of me just doesn't really feel like blogging about anything on here. Everything feels the same, interchangeable, wah wah wah. Maybe it was the season, maybe it's me, maybe it's the world. You know whatever, no big whoop. Lately I feel like writing about all the stuff I watch on Netflix. What if this became a comedy blog? ha ha ha. Don't worry, that won't happen.

But I'll tell you what DID happen:

the xoJane launch party!
No big deal, right? RIGHT.
Anywho I took this picture but I'm not going to make you guys believe that we all sat down and told stories because it didn't happen. But whatever cause like I sat on an ottoman right next to her the entire night, at first I was like OMG IM GONNA TALK TO HER and then I was like oh wait no, so I didn't. But at one point someone was taking her and Jane's pic and she put up her leg on the ottoman I WAS SITTING ON. Like, her foot with the tattoo going around the ankle. It was just there. INCHES FROM MY BODY. Then I was gonna take a pic of it but of course the camera ran out of film (that's why everyone's gone digital, DUH). Oh well. I remember it all happening.

Also there were towers of snacks everywhere. I sat next to one and just ate a bunch of cupcakes and weirdo chocolate hazelnut bite thingies and downed vodka pineapples. It was a (deliciously) fun time.

I wore my new Junya Watanabe shirt from spring 09 (thanks Nicole <3) and a long peach skirt from American Apparel that's secretly (except not really) my favorite thing in the world. For some reason I decided to wear these old Marc by Marc red studded pumps that gave me blisters by the time we GOT to the Jane, which is totally preposterous or whatever. The vodka pineapples really helped ease the pain. Also I am a pro.

So yeah. I'll be back around here I guess. But maybe probably I'll write about more things that interest me in general rather than just fashion stuff. Or maybe everything will stay the same! Who knows? Que sera sera, think outside the box, yadda yadda yadda and so on and so forth.


Clara said...

I am dying! Your outfit is beautiful, thanks for sharing your exciting life.

Ria said...

I hope you won't leave us, though I do enjoy reading you on xojane. Badass about Courtney though, I'd have done the same thing lol.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Love me some Courtney time.


AngieMontreal said...

Do what you wanna do and you will be a happy lady...and congrats on the Jane gig, it feels good to be part of something new and different! xo

Claire said...

Your outfit is super awesomely perfect. The colours! The textures! The prints!