Derek Lam Two Ways

Leather dresses, obviously essential and highly impractical for actual summer heat.
DON'T CARE. Will wear as a jumper in the winter (which is when it'll be in stores anyways).
Whatup 90's neckline.

Ignore boater hat and sensible sandals. This dress is 100% KOOL THING.
Picture it with Adidas shelltop sneakers and talk to me afterwards.
This one I would live in. Now and FOREVER.


meagan said...

that pleated leather dress exists, thus, life = complete.

readysetfashion said...

yes. yes. YES! the leather shift dress is amazing!

Hazel said...


leather dress is KILLER
sort of looks like an apron and i love it

Eva said...

love the turquoise and white color block dress!!! so pretty!! love the silhouette too!

Hope you check out my blog!
xoxo, Eva @ TheLaceFiles.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

llove the blue purse and the dresses silhouette!! so gorgeous!!

Hope you check out my blog!
xoxo, Eva @ TheLaceFiles.blogspot.com

Isabel said...

Hahaha, I really like those "sensible sandals." They are calling out to my inner Capricorn.

Hannah said...

I can definitely see it with the sneakers.. Nice call.

Also, I love the 90's reference in the top design!


Ivette Rossana said...

Love both dresses the leather and the turquoise one. I actually use both this silluettes in dresses frequently. But the leather one makes me drool....

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