Girl Gangs

Baby Love photographed by Josh Olins & styled by Jay Massacret

I haven't bought V magazine in a while, which is kinda heartbreaking since I'd been collecting it from the very first issue. But somewhere between the forever nudity and constant Gaga adoration/obsession I just had enough. Their current issue with Penelope Cruz on the cover might make me come back because this editorial is about 10 kinds of killer. It's obviously a retro vibe, but everything about this speaks to the way I want to be dressing right now; twisted lady-like vibez. The hair is sooo good too, I wonder if I should seek a wig in this shape to wear when the mood strikes me (great idea or GREATEST IDEA?). The Adidas sneakers in the second image are especially ACES.

V magazine #72 via.


Gabriela said...

ah, i almost bought the magazine precisely for this editorial! it's wonderful! also, yesterday i met a lady with funky, wavy blond hair; three hours later, she almost ran me over with her car, but i didn't instantly recognize her because of her short brown hair! anyway, it made me think. wigs can really help you get away with murder, and i should really get my hands on one right away.

Anonymous said...

v lost me a while ago, too.. but this really IS great. A++++

awesome andrea said...

i am definitely feeling this "twisted lady like vibez" as you say. I want to maybe 'class up' my look...or maybe it would be better described as make my look a little more "age appropriate"...but at the same time i want an edginess to it? like a youthful refined?

whatever, i feel like im grown'd up or something.

beautiful editorial.

AngieMontreal said...

Hmmmm, wigs could be the ultimate solution for my complete lack of hair-styling skills...come to think of it an actress friend brought a ton of wigs to a new years party once and it was not only all kinds of fun, but really easy to make them look semi-real...and those were her OLD wigs...hmmmmm

disneyrollergirl said...