Stripes on The Row

Stripes. Stripes. Stripes.
All important stripes. I don't know why this will seem like an unrealistic look. Why aren't more people wearing stripe on stripe combos in the street? I want to do this. These are such subverted pure "American Sportswear" vibez! Pickin' up where (fat) Marc left off.

All this time I didn't know the secret was to have your dress and socks in matching stripes. DUH
Stripe everything and stripe often. Horizontal and vertical lines are fair game. I am definitely in need of some striped pants.


Naehee Chung said...

good, good, good.

Isabel said...

Dude, I just want the shoes.

Louis said...

I really think it looks awesome. That dress is kind of unique. I actually love it that way.


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