Important Covers

September 2011 Vogue Italia & POP F/W 2011

its all about the lady look maaaaaaan. prim and properrrr. no more low rise too tight too short too yadda yadda yadda.

ok maybe I am kidding about that. (I am TOTALLY kidding about that) BUT I am totally feeling the lady-like vibez for fall. even if *this* lady turns out to be a total tomboy.

getting ready for fashion week! y o w z a

oh and um, this is an important cover:

man man : I'd rather go blind

probably one of my all-time favorite covers. this song ended up being the song of the week somehow. I'm not gonna try to find a meaning for that.


Gabriella said...

Lovely covers, I'm loving the lady-like look for fall too! :)

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wideeyes said...

I don't know about the VIT cover, though; it seems kind of hypocritical to have a plus-sized issue in June and then a corset/scary thin issue in September.


Lydia said...

I really need to start reading POP. That cover is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love the first one because it is so strange!


Gurgaon Property said...

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