in a Dries world

how does he do it every time?

i'm not usually into ruffles, but these are so 100% right.
i blame the sick prints.

i hate and love this but mostly love it. the grass print reminds me of a book filled with bird illustrations my mom had on our living room table when i was growing up. i guess it appeals to my interests.
there's also a sorta tropical proenza vibe running through it, you know from one of their earlier collections?
and then the whole black & white vs color print has such tension. like an encounter of past and present or something totally meaningful.

ok, not really, but secretly YES REALLY.

so everything! white on white toreador jacket is like wait, what? and then the rest is just gravy.

i mean, this is even MORE everything. how much everything can you really have? the answer is–surprise, surprise–EVERYTHING.

ok no but seriously, i need to incorporate this black & white print on black & white print thing into my life like yesterday, which just means that i NEED that shirt. contrasting crisp white collar is calling my name. and i want to give in to it

how is it possible that i am dying over a pair of RUFFLED pants? i hate ruffles (the fabric gathering, not the potato chip). but now these pants seem like the only pant i should ever wear. i am really going through a pants phase right now, must be because i wear dresses to work everyday.

i don't know how it's possible that i'm "reading" so much into these clothes today but these are just the things running through my head. that's all to apologize for the fact that i'm gonna talk about how this look is all about a weirdly disjointed future. do you know what i mean? bits and pieces of life left floating on a sea of nothing.

i'm sorry. i'll just say it's pretty.

this one is also pretty.

but mostly i want to point out that the top is giving me HEAVY twilight zone (as seen on tv) vibez. i am getting lost in the weirdness but you feel it too, right?

and then BOOM! the city lights.

and now for no reason at all except both things are about city lights. here's a music video:
the point is i WOULD make a video with a girl wearing the dries dress and running around town and use this song as the soundtrack and you know it would rule.

ps. on your feet.
ribbon-wrapped toes are TERRIFYING and YET...


Hazel said...

I think that the whole collection is very lovely. In my opinion, it's definitely something that you don't see very often- clothes treated as walking artwork.

Very insightful!


AngieMontreal said...

Ugh....sooooo good!

I feel the same about the pants, but I really love the top/dress that is the combo of the b/w print and colour print. I feel like I would wear the shit out of that dress...

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the prints! That Dries is invincible :)


Ivette Rossana said...

"... that i'm gonna talk about how this look is all about a weirdly disjointed future. do you know what i mean? bits and pieces of life left floating on a sea of nothing."

Another brilliant comment! I felt the same when I saw it, but wasn't able to verbalize it as well as you!


La madre que te pario!

Rose said...

Funny, this is actually the first Dries show in five+years that hasn't had me on my knees and drooling, waxing poetic to strangers on the bus about the tension between high design and wearability, and morosely checking my bank accounts in the vain hope that I may have some money I had forgotten about lying around unspent ...but the city lights dress is sooooooooper dreamy, it is.