Starlight, Starbright

At Christopher Kane metallic flower wallpaper prints are both nostalgic (of what?) and reminiscent of the future (not yet lived).

Shortsuits are the new sweatsuits.
(If sweatsuits were ever appropriate)

A white blouse is always your friend, especially with added architectural details.

Center front slits can make ANYTHING look SO DANGEROUS.
(always exit the car with your knees together, of course)

A simple dress whose layers can fall open at any point in time. Or maybe it's an onion that you pull apart. Whatever way you look at it, it is VERY NECESSARY.

Spring's most important shirt.


meagan said...

uh, SO ready to see that pressed flower shirt everywhere next year.

Hazel said...

Love love love the flower shirt. It sort of reminds me of those stickers that my mom used to buy for her scrapbooks, you know?

The repetition of fun, kids-crafts-like garments this year are absolutely lovely.


Ivette Rossana said...

Please, please do get us a lot more beautiful things to admire and covet.

I'm hungry, feed me!!

Claire said...

Why is everything Christopher Kane makes always so freaking great??

Joey said...

yess, scrapbooking or like highschool binder decorations and stickers. i love the slits. his fabric choices are always original.