Important things are Important (and yes, I'm talking about you, Haider)

Can we talk about this Haider Ackermann situation guys? The dude is a fucking genius and somehow he's just totally under the radar and somehow every time someone asks me who my favorite designer is I FORGET that he exists even though I'm pretty much REBORN with each new collection. This time, a million looks made up of the coolest pants in the world and worn with oxfords aka my ideal and barely-realized style signature.

The tailored slouchy trousers worn with loose drape-y layers are a natural step from his past two collections and they are everything that is now about now. I know masculine/feminine is like, SO obvious, but this is for sure one of my favorite ways I've seen it done as of late.

And like, what the hell is this color combination? A satin-y powder blue is so disgusting and makes no sense with these browns and golds but of course the more I look at it, the more I realize that it's actually the coolest color.

Just as I'm getting used to the icicle blue suddenly BOOM!!!! What are these jewel tones together? They are making my heart S I N G!
Maybe I can buy super huge night-at-theRoxbury men's satin buttondowns and then just tie them at the waist in a a sad attempt to recreate this look in my real life. UGH.

AND THEN BOOM BOOM and I am double dead because this is literally my dream outfit that I never knew could exist in real life. The perfect man-fit pant, a long gauzy top with an added veil moment (I have been thinking about veils A LOT lately), a cool zippered vest and the most Laia-piece of them all, the green oxfords. This is the ultimate in aspirational dressing/living/breathing/etc.

Blue on blue on blue is always excellent.

I don't even have any energy left for all the sick things that keep coming down the runway. The icicle blue is back and this time paired with what looks like alligator if an alligator were naturally bejeweled (sort of).

Then at the end this crazy pajama paisley came out paired with a plaid and paisley oxfords and I had a heart attack and wrote this blog post from the beyond.

The End.
Be mine.


Pinero-Solanno said...

The AWESOMENESS of Haider Ackermann speak to me on so many levels. It's not even funny!

Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

GORGEOUS colors! And the snake skin! Love.


meg // morningmidnight said...


Soph said...

LOVE Haider Ackermann and LOVE LOVE LOVE the post!!!!!!!!

Claire said...

This collection is obviously too perfect for words and I cannot come up with a single eloquent sentence to describe this perfection.

Michele said...

Haha, I'm pretty much feeling the same sensations/emotions right now. BOOM!

Alexandre|P said...

You can feel all the modernism in the shapes, in the cuts... is like a new breath for fashion...