We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy

...and Thakoon went a LOT crazy. At first I was all wait, what? and there is definitely a reason BEYOND just wanting to "zoom in on the details" that these images are cropped... BUT the more I looked at everything, the more I realized there was a definite early 00's Balenciaga vibe underneath all the madness that felt totally perfect.

Let's get serious, I am NEVER into a cowboy vibe–even though I really loved my Kyra "Western Fun" Barbie's outfit–but this sleeveless shirtdress with contrasting embroidery has got the right western vibes and the right weird vibes and the right 2nd grade church grade vibes.
(the weird vibes are enough to make everything else ok)

Seriously! This shirt is totally bananas, and I know you can imagine it with some fringed suede and denim situations and it would be AWFUL but man, just throw it over some jeans and I don't know, it seems kinda like a go-everywhere shirt? At least I would wear it everywhere and THAT'S REALLY WHAT MATTERS!

Then shit gets a little psychedelic and we're really cooking. Love everything about this; the uneven hem, the contrasting prints and–of course–the fact that it's a shirtdress.

LOVE the top fabric. Want it draped all over my body. I want a suit made in it, the new new Canadian tuxedo (going off those resort Celine flower-print vibez).

I mean yes. It's just so nuts, guys, I don't even know. It goes against all my minimalist witch situations that are like so tired, omg but whatever, sometimes I wanna be as loud as possible with the least amount of effort put into it.


Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

not usually my style but im really into the first one

Ivette Rossana said...

Beautiful!! In a modern barroque way...

La madre que te pario

Taj said...

YESYESYES!!! I totally picked up on the Balenciaga vibes too!! love this collection! I wrote a review about it for Fiasco Mag/check it out!:) http://goo.gl/viJ0J

elizabeth said...

like it! Looks adorable as shirts and lolita skirts. well done

Wny_ningyou said...

Awesome photos!
wanna follow each other?