Mawiage is what bwings us to Comme today

The Japanese designers are usually exempt from the whole "is fashion art?" argument because they're the ones that most often send "unwearable" garments down the runway that are unwearable because they feature extra fabric or weird bumps in the body and not because they show too much boob or cooter, which obviously means ART (sex sells). At Comme des Garcons the first look was enough to make me stop my multi-tasking and pay attention.


And of course, we'll indulge her because she is Rei and we are but mere mortals. They weren't just regular wedding dresses (as if!) but futuristic ones. The flat white boots were probably 60% responsible for these vibez, but the below-the-knee lengths, helmet-veils and protective cocoons reinforced them.

Oversized sleeves that render your arms useless covered in epic shoulder flower arrangements. Uselessness and helplessness and other words that in one way or another are about being immobilized really came to mind look after look. Models with their arms tied in big elaborate bows in front of them or hidden beneath yard of fabric masked as sleeves, cocoons, cages etc. Models with their faces hidden under veils and helmets and flowers. No identity, no freedom to move.

These secrets Rei is telling us, they are actually not very secret at all.

Maybe what you need for the big day is a big cage that covers you from shoulder to knee, turning you into a human bell, both restricting your movement and putting every other part of you on display. Your face hidden under layers of lace and ancient military-style helmets covered in flowers.

I wanna see this on Say Yes To The Dress, youknowwhatImean?
I want some girl with like, waist-long hair, wearing lolita-style wooden flatform maryjanes, weird printed wide legged trousers and a sheer lace buttondown shirt (buttoned all the way up) to go to Kleinfeld's and I want Camille to put her into this. MAKE MY HIGH FASHION DREAMS COME TRUE, TLC!

This one though, this one made me wish that there was some kind of you know, event in my future. This weird graffiti scribble is kinda the best thing ever. It looks totally out of place and it is also the coolest thing ever. Styling your hair like you're wearing a mesh wig is definitely the most avant-garde option to a plain ole' lace veil.

Instead of buying a dress and a veil and a flower arrangement, maybe you just cover yourself head to toe in some epic faux flower cocoon situations. It's like a weirdly ornate minimalist futurist Burqa. I'm not gonna rattle off some east-meets west bullshit phrase either because it doesn't really mean anything (words! words that other people like to say!). As long as Rei is around, fashion will be safe from becoming a total crap circus. It's a comforting feeling.


Amanda said...

i want a weird, but sexy wedding dress...one day. love this lady!

elizabeth said...

who else would come up with the flat white boots as a wedding shoe?

Claire said...

If that actually happened on say yes to the dress I think I would squeal in excitement! These dresses are so so beautiful.

C.A.R. said...

i love this :)