Sunday Jam: Oye negrita mira, no te rajes...

Shakira & Alejandro Sanz : La Tortura

So this song came out in 2005 or whatever and I kinda fell for it immediately. Totally unlikely, I know, because ever since Shakira started her American breakthrough or whatever she did a total 180 into LAMENESS with the blonde hair and the constant shaking of things in my face and the whole S E X U A L E E E T E E E that everyone seems to have the need to do and it's like SO BORING by now (but we'll still get a new Rihanna record that apparently puts Madonna's Erotica to shame–mondieu!–but we'll get to that bridge when we get to it or however that saying goes), because back when I was in high school she was like a weirdo Alanis-type (even though years later I realized one of her songs was TOTES anti-abortion and I was like quoi??? and then I was like OH RIGHT, Latin America and I secretly forgave her for it because her songs were the soundtrack of so many high school dance heartbreaks). The bottomline is that I cannot stand this video (why is she covered in oil?) but this song is AMAZING? I mean #1 Alejandro Sanz is foxy as all get out and his raspy voice is too hot too handle. #2 The reggaeton beat here, that beat which usually makes me want to stab my eyes out with a spoon just so I can stick it in my ears, is totally awesome when not accompanied by d-level rhymes about tits or ass or the other thing. Or maybe it isn't and it's finally my Puerto Rican-ness coming out to re-claim itself via the slow adaptation of all my interests back to the things I used to shun. Either way I don't care and I can barely stop myself from dancing when I hear this on my way to and from work every day. #3 Confession->I think I even LIKE the lyrics. Or maybe it's just another expression of how much I miss being around Spanish which is an AWESOME language and which has words that just don't have an English equivalent which is a real bummer because you can't always convey shit the way you'd really want to, you know? #4 LOVE THAT ACCORDION (yeah) and um ok that's it.

so yeah. shakira. there you have it guys.


Taj said...

YESYESYES!!!! I LOOOOVE THIS SONG!!! this came out when I was in like 6th grade and it got played it at one of my school dances its been my JAM EVERY SINCE!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the "Donde estan los Ladrones" Album; moscas en la casa was my favorite. It's some shameful shit she sold out for sex.

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Shakira is rare. Just like a diamond she is precious and rare. From her voice and singing style and into her dancing. Not all artists possesses those qualities. And not to mention her beautiful face.

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