Want, Need, Gimme IT, Now

Never before has a splash page on a website spoken so directly to the very core of my being like Totokaelo's right now.
I want my lower half to look like this AT ALL TIMES.
Suddenly feel an inexplicable need to try out this legging + skirt combo, so genius and yet I never thought about it before? I AM CRAZY.


Ivette Rossana said...

Changed your logo?

Isabel said...

This is so goth jams.

Bella said...

I usually hate leggings...but those are SO GOOD. I've always had a thing for mid-calf length skirts though.

Totokaelo Rachel said...

Laia! Thanks so much for posting about Totokaelo. We are absolutely in love with this legging + skirt combination right now. It's this great mix of 90's goth with a modern, classic Totokaelo twist.

And as Totokaelo's designer, I'm very happy that the splash has spoken to you so intensely!

We'd love to repost this post on the Totokaelo blog, with your permission of course. Drop me a line and let me know.

Rachel L
Totokaelo Team Member

Madeline said...

Seriously thinking the exact same thing lately. I have been all about the mid calf skirt and stompy boot thing. Well ok I only have one dress that is mid calf, and all my boots are stompy by defualt, but still.