Patent Everything

Richard Nicoll

I guess the pre-fall shows started already but I haven't even gotten through all the spring shows so like, whatevz, I'm not really in any rush. It's been a while since I've felt the necessity to write as soon as things happen because what's the point really, you know? Now I wait to see if a million months after the collection has gone down the runway I'm still moved the same way, if it lives past the novelty. I guess.

Pastel-colored patent leather though, is certainly important and relevant to my interests right now. A leather shirt seems a little impractical probably, only because it seems like in the long run you would really have to spend so much time and money taking it to get dry-cleaned or something, but as my desire for patent leather a-line skirts hasn't materialized yet, this shirt seems like the next best option. This is modern and a little 90's and also a little retro but its minimalism at its best which, despite my usual witchy vibez, I will always be drawn to.


Amanda said...

yep really feelin this too!

theothergirl said...

I like the shirt even if it's miles away from my own style. Patent leather and light blue seem to be a surprisingly good combination.

lisa said...

had to save this photo! so gorgeous!!!


Grace said...

That top's gorgeous. The things I'd do to be rich, and be able to afford *nice* clothes... Hrrmph.

Grace xx