Wednesday Jam: Don't Do It

Anika : Terry

Really into Anika's self-titled record. I guess it came out late last year but since I am on the cutting edge of EVERYTHING I just found out about it now. We've been playing it at work a lot which is nice cause I was getting a bit tired of the stuff we were playing before (even if it WAS a playlist I made). At first I wished that this was a lost record from like the late 70's that I hadn't heard about but I'm not gonna be an asshole that gets mad about people making new music that sounds like old music, after all, I fell madly in love with The Strokes 10 years ago even though the first time I saw the video for "Last Night" I was all "what's going on?".

It's a cover that was originally written and sung by a girl named Twinkle about a boy who dies in a motorcycle accident. The song's totally rad so I'm including the original version here too.

Twinkle : Terry

Anika's droniness more closely resembles my mood as of late though, so I'm gonna stick with that one.

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