the year is over.

I am happiest when dancing and drinking and eating fried food.

HOLY SHIT 2011 is over.
It has been a totally insane year, probably one of the most intense years I've had in the last couple years. But I survived. We all did. Kudos to us.

Work-wise it was kind of amazing. I assisted on lots of awesome jobs, from Elle to Self Service that took me out of the city and into Miami and Los Angeles and even "the shore" (although it wasn't really the Jersey shore, just like, a beach in New York). I did my own shoots for Oyster and Soma and Vogue.it (which was SO insane!) and worked with designers that I LOVE like Ann Yee and Sobotka. And of course I've been writing for Rookie which has been 10 kinds of awesome. I hope to keep that same hustle alive in the next year. It's not easy, but it's the way it's gotta be done.

But it WAS a crazy year, and though this blog has been running for 5 years, this is the year where I kinda really dropped the ball. I dunno, sometimes it just happens, I guess. My interest in dissecting every minutiae of the collections has kind of dwindled. My interest in the usual characters has grown stale. A reflection on the state of everything perhaps, everyone loves the same thing, criticism (if it exists at all) is buried in the pages of only some websites and rarely seems to be recognized. There are yearly compilations that come out about the best music writing, the best fiction writing, etc, could you even imagine a fashion compilation? You can't. And that's a bummer if you really think about it. As much as some of us want to believe that fashion is an art and yadda yadda yadda it won't ever be anything more than marketing unless there are real conversations about it, unless real opinions are allowed to exist, until we can embrace something other than advertising dollars as a guiding light. Some writers may have slammed a rapper's debut collection but still all editors were there, basked in the publicity and the clothes are showing up in editorials just the same. Once upon a time Vogue did a "best and worst" roundup of the year and they grilled the very same things that they lauded a couple months before. It was amazing. Can you even imagine any magazine doing anything like that anymore, saying hey, remember how we've been trying to make Charlotte Free happen? Yeah, we were wrong and we're sorry about that. The dream is dead. It's time to build a new one. 2012 is all about a change in consciousness, right? So let's start that change right now (with the man in the mirror, OH YEA!)

So things around here will change a bit. Maybe I'll write about fashion and maybe I'll write about books and maybe I'll write about music and maybe I'll write about the fleeting illusion of adulthood as seen through the eyes of a wolf. Probably not that last one. But I'll still write and hopefully you'll all still read.

Happy 2012!
And may all your wildest dreams come true.



"coy" colleen said...

this post is so on point. i hope fashion can embrace some sort of change in the next few years. it's not taken as seriously as it can potentially can be.
cheers to 2012, hope you have a great nye!

Yael said...

I like your new direction, similar to the one I have been trying to take lately. More honesty, less frenzy.