All the things that matter at Balenciaga

Let's talk Balenciaga because it was just SO.FUCKING.MAJOR. As soon as I clicked on the first look my jaw dropped to the floor and maybe I started salivating a bit, who knows, because after half a decade of same ole' futuristic amazingness (not actually an oxymoron, if you REALLY think about it), Nicholas finally brought it to another level.

2012, twenty-twelve, it's all about a CHANGE IN CONSCIOUSNESS and finally someone is figuring out a whole new dramatic silhouette for a new century. Short shorts that hint at your elementary-school gym days with oversized jackets with heavy David Byrne in Talking Heads vibes while also being a little varsity but mostly being a bunch of building blocks thrown over a body that have magically molted into a garment.

The metallic band across the chest is almost like a straitjacket, and I know if I think about it in feminist terms it's like "MONDIEU BULLSHIT BLAH BLAH" but it's kinda sexy. Not in the bondage sort of way just in a "I am wearing something huge that hides my body but it's so cool that you can't wait to see what's under it-sorta way.

(Longest description ever?)

From the shorts we got structured a-line dresses that are unmistakeably Balenciaga in their futuristic feelings. The rectangle going down the middle is just the right amount of Georgia O'Keeffe, cause you know, since we are shifting consciousness and all, we are done with the phallocentric visions and opening up to the powers of the vag (mother earth welcomes you).

This all makes sense.

Also Blogger doesn't recognize "phallocentric" as a word, which should tell you something.

The real gems for me came in later on, when these incredible women swathed under layers of skirts and dresses and hats came out. It took my breath away a little because there was something so earthy about it which is so not ever a word that ever shows up in anything Nicholas does, but man, this is bringing out the hippie in me in ALL THE RIGHT WAYS.

FLOWER.PRINTS. Tiny little 40's via 90's style floral prints mixed with leather and stiff volume. This is the future and I realize that saying something is the future while describing it as 40's via 90's makes no sense but THAT'S THE BEAUTY ABOUT FASHION and even though I am totally joking about that last statement, you and I both know it is 100% true.

Hide everything and show everything. Who knew there was so much power in the LIPS.
(we all did)

All hippies love some fringe and this weirdo lurex-y skirts are right on point. Do you see the evolution even within this collection? From structured to loose isn't even something that is groundbreaking but the spirit, the silhouettes, what all of these together represent is really taking what Nicholas has been doing and just making it a million times better.

And can we talk about the ad campaign full of weird-looking girls lounging around a disheveled apartment with mugs and shit all around? This is my favorite since M/M Paris scribbled all over Christy Turlington's face way back in 2001. T'was about time Ghesquiere made me want to DIE (and not because he picked Kristen Stewart to be the face of his new fragrance, we're def NOT gonna talk about that).

but yea, you feelin' it?


Magnet said...

I looooooove Balenciaga for its futuristic aesthetic. Seriously, LOVE it <3 So many fashion conscious people are constantly looking to the past for inspiration, when I find the idea of the future so much more fascinating. That skirt that goes from pink to black.. man.

naehee chung said...

i stopped for like one minute for that first pic. amazing ad. one of the bests, actually, in a long time.

readysetfashion said...

this is awesome.
so on the same level with you on this.

C.A.R. said...

i must say it does look refreshingly different than the usual :)


AngieMontreal said...

Shooting those super modern clothes in that super disheveled and fairly average (although spacious) apartment is nothing short of genius. Original and beautiful at once...LOVE IT. So inspiring...

neneng said...

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neneng said...

..I'm just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog.
..I enjoy the style of how this all works

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MC said...

Any ad campaign that can make living in squalor look like fun takes skill.

CULTstyle said...

Wow- insane post, Beautiful clothes and great campaign! X

CULT style

meg said...

i'm SO obsessed with this campaign -- ran across one of them in a magazine while at the gym and had to like surreptitously tear out the page and sneak it home and immediately google all the rest of the images. IT'S SO GOOD. and like a little bit 90s and a little bit patti smith in the styling and the photos too, without trying too hard to do either of those things? so good.

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