Proportions and Unlikely Combinations

I haven't really paid much attention to Chloe since Paolo Melim Andersson was fired forever ago, but now that there's a new lady at the helm, I think things are coming along quite nicely. Clare Wright Keller was at Pringle of Scotland for a while, and when she came over to Chloe I'm sure some people's feathers were pretend-ruffled, but apart from the Tilda Swinton-campaign/videos/whatever no one really gives a crap about Pringle so the tears were dried up pretty quickly. Point is, Clare's doing a bangin' job at Chloe, especially with this look from pre-fall that is so everything I want to be but cant quite figure out how to be comfortable with in real life (ugh, this sentence could describe SO many things in my life right now!.. but fashion, we're talking about fashion yes). WIDE LEG PANTS are always such an EDITORIAL look and then it comes to real life and you can't figure out what shoes to wear them with or sometimes they are too long and you end up stepping on 4 inches of fabric (you wanna talk tiny sizes? let's talk RIDICULOUSLY LONG INSEAM, FOLKS!) and then you hem them and they are too short and they look STUPID. Because you NEED to have that lil' fold where they meet the ground and you drag them all over the city and into puddles and shit, because you are just so bourgeoisie that you can't be bothered with that shit. And then on top, to make sure everyone gets the point that you are wearing big pants, a cropped buff leather bomber jacket to make all your dreams come true. It is making all my dreams come true at least, and since this year is all about CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS (you don't even KNOW how much I'm into 2012 and the crazy shit that is happening in my brain daily and you don't want to know) I will figure out how to drag the New York City dirt with my wide legs everywhere I go.

It'll be poetic.


Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

YES YES YES to all of these concerns about wearing wide legged pants in the city. my primary concern, WHAT SHOES WHAT SHOES WHAT SHOES? regular shoes look weird with them. like really weird.

laia. said...

i feel like they HAVE to be pointy shoes!

Nicola McLaughlin said...

these trousers are fab! love them!! x

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Anca Tudorache said...

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Lucy said...

OH my god yes I've been ignoring Chloe since Paolo left (was fired?) but looking at this now.... I can totally get on board.