This seems familiar...

I am not one to give a shit about high/low designer collaborations (although the upcoming Marni/H&M situation might change my mind), mostly because I don't wait in line for anything really, especially not clothes, which has to do more with my laziness than with my being a snob (which I'm definitely admitting to being). I didn't know that the Versace and H&M thing was ongoing, but I'm stoked to see that their second round of clothes will be offered online. As soon as I saw the looks on Abbey Lee only one thing came to mind; the epic April 1995 issue of Vogue with Kristen McMenamy on the cover.

Bummer that they decided to go with fruit instead of the butterfly print, but the inspiration is undeniable (she's wearing Versace on the cover). The looks might not be a remake of this classic but they definitely fit in with one of the editorials featured inside:

All I need is a blunt-bangs black wig and some killer red lips and I am ready to go. Thank you internet! Once again you've made my life better.

Versace + H&M collab pics via.
April 1995 Vogue pics via.


readysetfashion said...

truth to it all! so glad you posted this.

alexis monty buell said...

! i always notice that sort of thing too!
i didn't even know that was fruit. thought they were jewels?

Anonymous said...

the interweb always makes life feel better. I agree about the butterfly print, that shit was epic. I once had a dress with a butterfly print similar to that when I was like.. 8, I loved it so much and wore it with my favourite blue metallic lipstick. Ah, those were zee days.

Dylana Suarez said...




Anonymous said...

I like the prints and love vintage Versace!